So another dance season is here, and something magical happened to me during open house registration at the Randolph studio. As I sat waiting for the next parent to come in and register their child for dance class, lots of other things were also going through my head… What should I make for dinner tomorrow? How is the babysitter doing with my two year old? Will the realtor call with good news about the people who came to see our condo today? And then a bright-eyed 7 year old girl who I’ve been teaching since she was 3 years old ran into the studio yelling, “Hi Miss Jenn!”. She jumped into my arms and hugged me tight, and in an instant I was reminded about why I LOVE TEACHING DANCE!

It was then that I decided to start sharing my thoughts and experiences on this blog, because if I love this so much there must be people out there who would enjoy hearing all about it. I won’t bore you with every single hug, or detail every Jazz class I teach, but on occasion I’ll write something about the joys of teaching dance. And sometimes I’ll invite my teachers and students to write something about their experiences too. Please bookmark my blog and feel free to comment about anything you read here, cause the conversation will be best if you join in and I hope you will!


About Miss Jenn

First off, my amazing family and friends mean the world to me. If you are one of them, thanks for being there! I am the director of a dance studio located in Randolph, MA, and also teach classes in Easton, MA. Dance has been a major part of my life since the age of 2, and I have been fortunate enough to make a successful career of it, which is why I will begin blogging about teaching dance. I'm actually kind of nervous about starting to blog, but I'm also very excited about sharing my thoughts and experiences.
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