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As another summer comes to a close, the start of another dance season is upon us. I’ll admit I was a little hesitant for the summer to end, but that all changed as soon as I arrived in the brand new Easton Dance Workshop for my first class. As the kids started to come to dance, with big smiles on their faces, I couldn’t help but smile and think “It’s good to be back.”

Nothing brings me more joy than seeing how my students progress from year to year. Some of them I have been teaching dance to for many years. As the second class came in, I overheard them talking in excitement how this was their 5th or 10th year at dance and how eager they were to get their trophies. I have taught many of them since they were little, and have watched them all grow up into beautiful young dancers. Knowing that they love dance enough to continue for 5 and 10 years really gives me a great feeling.

As I drove to the studio the next morning, I couldn’t help but get excited to see my classes and the students that I taught last year who I knew were returning this year. As one girl walked in, she ran over and told me how excited she was to be back in dance class. How lucky am I to have a job that I not only love, but I know brings as much joy to the kids as it brings to me. The best part about our dance studio is that the kids are there to yes, learn to dance, but also to have fun. This is my 11th year teaching dance, and I hope to continue teaching for a very long time.


About Miss Jillian

Miss Jillian has been dancing at Dance Workshop since she was three years old, and has been teaching at the Easton studio for 11 years. Her love for working with children has inspired her to become a pre-school teacher too!
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