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Our first month of this season has come to an end. Like Miss Jenn and Miss Jillian I love the hugs, kisses and happy, smiling faces on our students. But the best part for me is the camaraderie between the students, the parents, the instructors and the two studios. 

I was in the Randolph studio this week teaching the adult jazz class, a class that has been together for over 25 years! The class ended and we were walking out to our cars when my mom came to the door.  All the women in the class ran over to hug and kiss her, and then they proceeded to run out to my parents’ car and kiss my dad.  I just stood there watching this whole scene thinking to myself, “Wow, this is the coolest thing!”  I always thought Dance Workshop was unique and we were like one big extended family, and this just proved it. 

The Randolph studio was our first studio and since the early years we always said, “you never leave Dance Workshop.” Our former students come back to teach, dance, bring their children or just come in to hang out. All of our instructors come from within the studio, and most grew up there.  Along with an offsite intensive training course, our instructors learn how to teach from their mentors here at the studio. Thanks to Miss Jenn, the Randolph studio has maintained the same camaraderie with the newer students.

The Easton studio has been in existence for 19 years – time does fly! It seems like yesterday we opened in the Easton Market Place. We recently moved to the North Easton Village Shoppes and we are all so excited to have a new state of the art dance studio. The parents and students love it and it is in a great location with lots of parking and shopping. Both studios are producing great dancers and instructors, continuing to grow Dance Workshop’s community as one big family. Thanks to all of you who help make it so special!


About Miss Debbie

Debbie is the director of Dance Workshop's Easton, MA dance studio. She is a member of the Dance Teachers Club Of Boston, as well as the Greater Brockton Dance Teachers Association. She is certified by test to teach. Debbie was a member of the "Magic Music Dance Company". She choreographs several dance routines around Southeastern Massachusetts, including commercials for local talent and the Easton sixth grade show choir.
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