Randolph Mini Dance Company

In the Randolph dance studio, we just had a practice for an upcoming Company performance that will take place at an assisted living center. For those who don’t know, the Junior and Senior Companies are made up dancers who are so passionate and dedicated that they put in extra time and effort to represent Dance Workshop in various public performances. And this year we’ve added a “Mini Company” for an even younger group of dedicated dancers.

After I saw them rehearse, I could tell the Mini Company dancers had learned a lot this year and worked really hard on these routines. The more experienced Junior Company dancers, who will be performing with the Minis, were obviously proud of them too – they were cheering the Minis on! We are so lucky to have such amazing students and instructors at Dance Workshop. It’s so emotional and makes me very proud to see the results of the hard work and creativity that goes into these dances. I’m looking forward to the show and hope that the residents at the assisted living center will enjoy the performance as much as I did!


About Miss Jenn

First off, my amazing family and friends mean the world to me. If you are one of them, thanks for being there! I am the director of a dance studio located in Randolph, MA, and also teach classes in Easton, MA. Dance has been a major part of my life since the age of 2, and I have been fortunate enough to make a successful career of it, which is why I will begin blogging about teaching dance. I'm actually kind of nervous about starting to blog, but I'm also very excited about sharing my thoughts and experiences.
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